6 – 7 – 8 June

OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.


These days, OFFF keeps being a reference event throughout the world. A festival hosted in Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Paris which has featured renowned artists such as Joshua DavisStefan SagmeisterJohn MaedaNeville BrodyKyle CooperThe MillDigital KitchenBen Fry & Casey ReasGolan LevinChris MilkRob ChiuJulien ValléePaula ScherRick PoynorErik SpiekermannDveinErik NatzkeVincent MoonZe FrankAlex Trochut, among others…The festival where a new generation of artists has originated and developed. All of them started attending OFFF as spectators. Today, they take up its main stage.


The OFFF phenomenon has also produced the creation of an extensive international network of artists, developers, theorists and even more importantly, people who love art in all its multiple expressions: students, fans, professionals and the curious. People who want to show what they do, to discover what others do and, above all to share their knowledge and their desires to inspire and to be inspired.


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