Cine-Clube de Avanca
International Competition – April 30, 2014
World Premiere Competition – June 6, 2014
Free registration
1 – Objective

The objective is to trace a global perspective of the contemporary features in cinema, television, video and multimedia.

2 – Conditions of Admission

Works admitted for selection must join the following conditions:

  • – Be produced after January 1, 2012;
  • – Unreleased in Portugal;
  • – Not available on the web.

Registrations in the following categories are admitted:

  • CINEMA: short and feature films in fiction and animation;
  • TELEVISION: documentaries;
  • VIDEO: experimental videos of less than 20 minutes.
3 – Submission

The works for the International competition must be registered until 30th April, 2014 by completing the online registration form available on www.avanca.com.
The works for the world premiere competition must be registered until 6th April, 2014 by completing the online registration form available on www.avanca.com.

For the selection, each candidate must send a preview on a DVD/Blu-ray or upload the films using one of these services:

  • Festhome
  • Movibeta
4 – Selection for competition

The organization committee carries out the selection of the submitted works and informs the applicants with selected works.

5 – Prizes

A prize will be attributed to the best work of each category: Cinema (feature film), Cinema (short feature), Television and Video.
Prizes, among others, will also be given to the best Animation, the best Actor/Actress and the best Cinematography Direction.
In the Cinema category (feature film), since only a maximum of 4 works are selected, all of them will automatically receive a special mention.

The international jury is composed by cinema professionals invited by the organization.

The selected films may be object of acquisition proposals for the Portuguese market (cinema, television and video).

6 – World Premiere Prize

Films that have their world première in the AVANCA 2014, independently of the submitted category, are also candidates to the World Premiere Special Prize. For that, candidates must indicate in the entry form if the film is a world premiere.

7 – Transport and Insurance of Works

The organization will inform the candidates with selected works and will give out instructions for the shipment of final copies.
The delivery of the works is of the candidates’ responsibility.
The organization is responsible for the insurance of the copies from their arrival to their return.

Note: The preview DVD and Blu-ray copies will not be sent back, for they will become part of the Festival Mediateque Archives. We guarantee they will not be used for commercial purposes.
The selected works may be object of non-commercial exhibitions for the festival’s promotion.

8 – Others

Festival languages are Portuguese and English.
Any possible doubt or questions that may arise will be clarified or solved by the Organization Committee.
The selected films may be part of non-commercial extensions/screenings of the festival.


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